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12 Amazing Reptile Crafts for Kids

Reptiles are scaly, egg laying creatures, and kids love every bit of how much they may gross you out!

We found some great Reptile themed crafts that will help teach kids more about their favorite endangered species, and explore how we can help preserve their natural habitats.

One of the best ways to educate and explore a new topic is art activities. These fun crafts for kids will allow your child to explore the wonderful world of reptiles, in a way that keeps the actual creatures out of your home (win-win!).

13 Amazing Reptile Crafts For Kids

1d0778cbc27aecb4cf93ec5299a512221)    Color Changing Chameleon Craft
Using simple paper plates and paints you can demonstrate and discuss the color changing abilities of chameleons!


ac2345a4e14921374faa62f19ecde1312)    Salt Dough Snakes
Create your own snakes, and you can even have the kids reference books or find pictures online to position them and paint them to look realistic!


6e2c0e231d20ed3a12dfa96377e2a9e7 3)    Link Snake
A perfect way for younger kids to take part in the reptilian fun! Link Snakes are fun to create, toss around and decorate playrooms with.


6adeba8b31508f05c652eac445dea830 4)    Clothespin Crocodile
An easy craft for kids that can show how a crocodile’s body is actually proportioned (watch out for those teeth!).


8d1fe11465c2744595da3867551903575)    Bead Lizards
This is a great craft that can also double as a fun keychain!


0420834fcbe1446c87387d4c68c13773 6)    Bubble Wrap Crocs
This is a great way to simulate the feeling of those big scales a Crocodile has!


527d5ce6c16e41a2e814754f3adaf8ea7)    3D Lizards
A simple construction paper craft that looks like the lizard is right on the table in front of you!


9cc649132e869e53cb1a288fd8830c0c8)    Mismatched Sock Snake
A great way to use up those “lonesome” socks, create a snake, and have it to play with for years to come!


922dfd21a356f330aac5c0a1abbc6d349)  Recycled Snake Craft
This recycled cardboard fruit tray snake is a hit with kids. All involved will love making this slithering creatures.


7ca5bb9320088acb223f75206bd76cfb10)  Small World of Reptiles
This one isn’t as much of a craft (although the kids could help you set it up!) as it is a fun way to explore a reptile friendly habitat!


dbbc847961eef44efe769323d373e65511)  Egg Carton Turtles
These aren’t just fun to make, they’re also insanely adorable!


3d466492d1e803586e38566a4d3b7dd012)  Pipe Cleaner Chameleons
An easy and super cute craft for kids!

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