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Creative DIY Snow Globes

Snow globes can offer a child (or adult for that matter!) a sense of calm and excitement, all in one shot!

Admit it, if you see a snow globe within arms reach, you have to pick it up and give it a shake – it’s practically in our DNA!   Making your own snow globe offers so many possibilities, both inside and out. Being able to customize what’s inside, as well as what container and colors you use, make it the perfect homemade gift for all ages to enjoy (making, and receiving!).

In this post we’ve focused on more Winter-themed globes in this post, but we have even created some with jungle animals and colored sparkles, pretending the glitter floating around them was actually fireflies at night!   Enjoy the endless possibilities!

Whether you are looking for something personal, decorative, or interactive, there’s something for all tastes on this list!   Creating and enjoying these DIY Snow Globe crafts is certain to keep you and your kids occupied through the holidays, and your home decor will be looking festive and fun!

cover source: masonjarcraftslove

Illuminated Snow Scened20ebf34bbb58ab18d526db0242d47a2


Elsa Snow Globedba6847bb37f94ef0c2b01697b997977


Glow In The Dark Snow Globef1e6c8988cc085dd662cbe5fab453811


Olaf Snow Globe489593b9aa9846feb56b8afc87847dbb


Animal Themed Snow Globes9b9d6080e8eca4a7b47f102c55806d07


Gift Card Snow Globec9ff0ee514a40c7cb27ff0c2f8703d45


Get Trapped In A Snow Globe!2206406ef20e9f334740c0db6ffb115a


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