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Deck the Walls with Your Christmas Tree

Get creative during the holiday with these great No Tree – Christmas Tree decorations.

Tradition has always called for a Christmas Tree during the holidays. Over the last few years families have started stepping out the box and decking their walls with seasonal decor and forgoing the smell and mess of pine.

Would you consider letting go of your tree? There are so many great alternatives to fit everyone’s style.

I’m personally a fan of the Book Themed Christmas Tree but that’s the bookworm in me talking. This year the Craft Kiddies and I are going to try our hand at decorating the wall with lights and garland.

Happy Holidays!

trees1231. Decorated Ladder Christmas Tree Alternative – This ladder inspired Christmas Tree is great, especially for a family that’s into construction. (source)

2. Branch Wall Christmas Tree – You can still have a Christmas Tree but keep it mess free without the pines. This Branch Wall Tree Alternative really keeps the space open.  (source)

3. Recycled Egg Carton Christmas Tree – Recycle Reduce Reuse…and Be Merry! This Egg Carton Tree makes for a fun and creative activity for the family. (source)


4. PVC Pipe Inspired Alternative Christmas Tree – Now talk about creative! PVC pipe has really become a very useful piece of material for crafty parents. This great wall tree let’s families really showcase who they are by putting different trinkets in the open holes.  (source)

5. The No Tree Christmas Tree – You can still bring out the box of Christmas Tree Decorations without actually buying a tree. Decorate the wall and keep the floor area tree free. (source)

6. Cool 2D Light Christmas Tree – Keep the decor at a minimal with this lovely 2d tree by using only lights.  (source)


7. Chalk Board Wall Christmas Tree – So Awesome and what a great use of a wall. For all the chalk paint addicts out there. You can put your chalk lifestyle to holiday use with this great Christmas tree and fireplace themed wall.  (source)

8. Pretty In Pink Christmas Tree – Do you have a little lady in your house that’s all about Pink? This would make for the perfect alternative to a Christmas Tree.  (source)

9. Family Personalized Wall Christmas Tree – Make your Christmas Tree even more personal with this great custom wall decal. It’s simple yet creative.  (source)


10. Light & Ornaments Wall Christmas Tree – It’s always just great to use what you have on hand. Save time and money by decorating with the Christmas supplies you have saved in storage.

11. No Tree Christmas Tree Wall Stickers – There is a no-tree Christmas Tree style for everyone. If you’re style is simple and sleek, this stick tree is definitely for you. (source)

12. Book Themed Christmas Tree – What a great Tree for all the Book Lovers (including me) in the world. Put your bookcase to good use for the holidays.

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