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Crafty Math with Recycled Easter Eggs

There’s no reason to toss out those used plastic Easter Eggs after the holiday. Put them to good use with some Crafty Math.

With a permanent marker I wrote addition problems on the outside of the eggs. On the inside I placed the answer on a small piece of color paper. Have your Craft Kiddie read the addition problem and answer it. Then they get to open the egg to see if they got it right.

The great thing about this Crafty Math idea is there are so many different ways to execute it. Craft Dad suggested I place a jelly bean inside each egg with the answer. Then again his way always includes adding candy to the mix.

I’ve also created a set of eggs with multiplication problems on the outside. After the Kiddies have answered all the questions switch the problems around by connecting different halves of the eggs together.

And most importantly…Have FUN!

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