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DIY Knit Monsters for Kids

What is a parent to do with all the knit gloves floating around the house post-winter? Instead of trying to hold onto them until the next cold season rolls around, grab the glue gun and make “Knit Monsters”!

It has never failed for the past month, every time I washed a load of clothes there would be a non-dirty glove in the wash. Winter had come and gone for us, therefore the kids had no idea where to put their gloves. Which is why they just kept making their way back to the laundry room.

So I gathered all the floaters, my handy glue gun, some felt fabric, Fiber Fill and a few craft eyes. The key to making this craft successful for the Kiddies (and my sanity) was to stuff and hot glue closed the gloves the night before. I tucked in the thumb finger before stuffing as well. You can also use fabric glue and or a needle and thread for closing the opening of the glove.

It was an instant success with the Kiddies and will now be a craft we do yearly.

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