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Fun DIY Paper Shark Hat

With Shark week upon us, I thought it would be exciting for the Kiddies to create and wear these Fun DIY Shark Hats while learning about some of the worlds deadliest creatures on Discovery Channel.

Below you’ll find a Shark Fin and Tail template to help you get started with this craft.

First download and print the templates below:

Download – Shark Fin389b87624cb60f7813a9d5aba2600f28


Download – Shark Tail

fdfb0595c0c987bfea0950b4ef81b760Next, cut 3 strips of construction paper to make a headband. Two of the strips will be used to make the headband, and the third strip of paper goes across the top. This is where you will tape/glue the Fin.

Once I had everything printed and cut, I let the Kiddies color and decorate their band, fin and tail. If you print on standard paper the fin may be a bit flimsy. CraftDad had the great idea to tape 2 fins together at the top of the hat to help it stand straight up. Or you can always print directly onto construction paper to have a sturdy fin and tail.

Be sure to tag us in your Shark Hat pictures @CraftKiddies

Happy Crafting!

Shark Hat


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