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8 Cool Origami Paper Crafts for Kids

There are few things in life that can successfully hold a child’s attention for more that 5 seconds, but in my experience, Origami is one of them! It seems unlikely, I know, but teaching your kids origami is a great way to help them build focus, patience, and fine motor skills.

Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding into creative and interesting shapes and figures. Everything from fish, birds, and other animals, to geometric shapes and toys made from folded pieces of paper can be taught to your kids, many in just one sitting!

Since teaching origami to kids isn’t necessarily a common practice for many parents, it can offer a nice change of pace from regular arts and crafts (and certainly isn’t nearly as messy!).

Check out these 8 Cool Origami Paper Crafts for Kids. Happy Crafting!


1. Origami Jumping Frogs – These little guys are simple to teach to children, and really fun to play with afterward!  ItsAlwaysAutumn

2. Origami Bracelets – Easy to make, and a super cute accessory for the kids that they can color to suit their own style! Picklebums



3. Origami Cat – The poster designed this one as a Halloween Black Cat decoration, but you could do this in any color, even style it to match your own pet! PinkStripeySocks

4. Origami Bunny – This is a fun craft for kids to add to the Easter lineup. I’d love to see some of the faces they would draw on once the paper is folded! MadeWithHappy


5.  Origami Accordion Snake – What a fun way to bring your craft to life! This origami accordion paper folding technique will bring real-life movements to your snake craft! EasyPeasyandFun

6.  Origami Fish – Easy to fold, and a great way to add some depth to any underwater artwork! Childhood101


7.  Origami Faces – I can’t begin to describe the imagination this will bring out of your child when they are decorating their origami faces! PinkStripeySocks

8.  Origami Cube – Really neat to make, but I find they take a little more patience than the others so you don’t crush the cube, so try to reserve this one for the older kids! OrigamiMommy


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