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11 Fun Science Experiments For Kids

Science experiments are exciting and magical, especially for children. They get a sense of there’s really something Amazing happening right before their eyes.

Parents who may not have excelled in science and chemistry may be intimidated by the mere thought of teaching it to their children. Not to fear these awesome experiments below will put anyone at ease. They are fun and educational for all involved.

It can seem a little intimidating when you throw the word “science” into pretty much any sentence, but I promise you we’ve taken the guesswork out of it with this list! Each one of these 11 Fun Science Experiments For Kids are child safe, easy to create, and loads of fun! Alright, goggles on everyone, let’s get started!

11 Fun Science Experiments For Kids


Walking Water
An oldie, but a goodie! Watch as the different colors of water actually climb out of their glasses (via paper towel) and meet to form a new color in the middle!

Magic Milk
A simple mixture of milk, food coloring, and dish soap creates a stunning and interesting reaction right before your eyes!

Homegrown Crystal Geodes
This one does take a little bit of preparation, but the end result is worth the extra effort!

Leak-Proof Bag
Watch the look of amazement on your child’s face when they stick a pencil crayon right through a bag full of water, and not a single drop leaks out!

Make Your Own Lava Lamp
We’ve done this a few times in our house, and it never gets old! Be sure to keep lots of the “secret ingredient” on hand, because your kids will be pulling this one out again and again!


6)    Edible Slime
Yes, you read that right! Not only can you create this ooey-gooey slime at home, but it’s chemical and Borax free, and completely edible!

Glowing Jell-O
Make it, watch it glow, eat it up! Tutorial includes a handy explanation as to why the Jell-O glows, so you can look really smart explaining it to your kids!


Create Your Own Water Beads
These water beads are incredibly easy to make, you can add your own colors, and are especially great for sensory play!

Cloud In A Jar
Create a cloud in a jar in your own kitchen, using just a few simple ingredients you already have around the house!


Make A Levitating Orb
Remember what I said about some of these being straight up magic? Yeah, that!

Dry Ice Bubble
Just be very careful with dry ice as it can cause skin damage, and should only be handled safely by an adult!

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