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Crafty Halloween Pudding and Jello Treats

There are some great Halloween Treats to create with Jello and Pudding but will your kiddies eat them or run away in fear?

From brains to spiders, ghostly pudding cups to slimy worms, the possibilities are endless when crafting with jello. I’m not to sure how my preschooler will react over a plate of brains sitting on the table therefore we may start off with the different variations of Halloween themed pudding cups. With pudding/jello cups the creativity really comes in with the decorations you use. Crumbled oreo cookies are great when trying to make a dirt topping and marshmallows ghost add a nice touch.

What pudding and jello treats will you create with season?

e3ab2890a4d9328830e2591fd93a7a17Jello Brains

9d8e2a8ee05bdc0e5d5c8aa518d2ea9cBleeding Jell-O Eye

33804ae9e4d2c3182ac8c250d4f57d7eChocolate Pudding Spider Pies

a384cc3bd9908624ca1146312bcc9dfbJell-O Worms

da63e0d4fd5924ef8b62d988a427cef2Jell-O Witches Brew

0efd45549b8e234ac88c47c7a620ea27Candy Corn Jello Pudding Cups

6aa59655ff9ff20227071d88513537b9JELL-O Creepy Crawly JIGGLERS

c95e85d45aa9af87e4ae646b1b716f40“Boo-tiful” JELL-O Cups

48bdd1bc9b6cbcbebe6494682d4026abMMMMonster JIGGLERS

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