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Halloween Themed Math Activities & Worksheets

The change of the season always brings new and exciting math activities and worksheets. This Halloween get creative with our ideas below to get kids excited about numbers.

You know what’s so cool about being a kid? They don’t care if it’s the day before Halloween or the day after for these fun activities. With that being said, you can find the best deals on candy and decorations that can be used for education games, the day after Halloween.

hmath11.   Candy Corn Math – This is a great activity for Preschool and Kindergarten aged children. Grab a bag of candy corn and let your little one practice their counting skills.

2.   Mystery Picture Halloween Math –  This is a fun and easy way to work on math. Your students will enjoy bringing this picture to life. Students solve the math problem, look at the color next to it, and then they color in ALL of the squares that have that answer. Download includes addition, subtraction and multiplication sheets. Great for all elementary ages.

3.   Pumpkin Bucket Counting – These mini-pumpkin buckets are a great find at your local dollar stores. Number each bucket. Grab some Popsicle sticks and write different math facts on each one, about six for each number bucket. Kids can then sort the sticks by solving the math facts and put them in the correct pumpkins!


hmath24.   Frankenstein Math – First graders can practice their math skills with this fun Frankenstein coloring worksheet.

5.   Ghost Bead Count – This is a perfect activity for fine motor development. Print the ghost number cards on cardstock paper, cut out and laminate. Punch a hole in each card and attach a pipe cleaner. Children put the correct number of beads on the pipe cleaner that match the number on the ghost card.

6.   Candy Corn Connection – 1st graders can practice Expanded Notation with these great Candy Corn worksheets. And of course why not reward their hard work with a little candy corn as well.

hmath37.   Spider Legs Game – A fun game to play with any grade level. Cut construction paper circles to create spider and use pipe cleaners for the legs. A roll of the dice, and kids count the proper number of legs.

8.   Bat Counting – How fun! Kids can match up numbered Bat Wings with the correct dotted wing.

9.   Haunted House Math – This is a great activity, that gets kids really thinking and having some spooky fun at the same time.

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