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Trick or Treating – Halloween Thank You Cards

There’s no better time to teach children the importance of gratitude than the Holiday Season.

A few years ago I printed out a sheet of Halloween themed “Thank you” cards for the kids to color and hand out at each house. The response was amazing. Once the children were given a piece of candy they would hand the person at the door at “Thank you” little note, which they kept in their buckets. The recipients of the note were so thrilled and would have the biggest smiles on their faces.

The children actually started to get more excited about making other people happy than they were about getting the candy. They started handing out the cards before they would even get the candy. So now it is a tradition for the kids to color their “Thank You” cards a few hours before we head out to Trick or Treat.

Please feel free to Download, print and enjoy in a little gratitude lesson with your kiddies.

Happy Halloween!



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