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Thankful Crafts for Kids

With the holiday season upon us, I’m finding that my children have somehow misplaced their gratitude. The kiddies are typically very humble and appreciative ones, yet with all holiday ads on TV, their tablets and every billboard in the city, they’ve lost sight of what’s most important: Family, love and the gift of life.

Which makes this the perfect time to turn crafting into a life lesson as well with these great “Gratitude Crafts”. I’ve found some awesome crafting activities to help the kiddies remember what they are thankful for and what is most important to our family.

Happy Crafting!

Thankful Pumpkin

Thankful Turkey Book 


Gratitude Pie Spinner

Wreath of Gratitude


Tree of Thanks

Thankful Lapbook


Gratitude Stones

Thankful Turkey Box

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