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Fun Hot Air Balloon Craft

Do your kiddies love Hot Air Balloons? Mine are currently fascinated with them, as we can see them daily floating in the air a few miles from our home.

Since this CraftMom has a fear of going in a Hot Air Balloon, I instead created a simple and fun craft the kiddies could do until I get over this phobia. I’ve made it even easier for you by attaching a balloon template. So you just have to click, print and let the kiddies paint or color their balloons.

Materials Needed:

Balloon Template
-Cardboard Roll (from a paper towel or tissue roll)
-Card stock or construction paper


-Print Template
-Let the Artist work their coloring magic on the Balloon
-Cut and paste to card stock or construction paper
-Cut cardboard roll in half and glue to paper
-Glue String to balloon and cardboard

Quick, Simple and FUN!

Happy Crafting!