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Busy Bee

10 Rockin Rock Crafts

Are you finding random rocks around the house from your Kiddies adventures outside? Take those little piece of treasure and turn them into some Rockin Rock Crafts! Here are a few Crafty ideas for you…

DIY Popsicle Stick Jewelry Stand

Put those used Popsicle Sticks to good use by turning them into a beautiful Jewelry Stand. This makes for a great gift for Mother’s Day or Birthdays of loved ones. The best part? You only…

Slime Sunday – Purple Glitter Goo

We are getting our Purple Glitter Goo on at Craft Kiddies HQ this #SlimeSunday. Keep the kiddies occupied with a hand full goo using only a few simple ingredients. What You Need: 1/2 tablespoon Contact…

DIY Easter Tote Bag

Step out the Basket this Easter by creating DIY Easter Bags for your Kiddies. The simplicity of this craft even allows for them to make their own bags. What You Need: Mini Tote Bag Crafts…

5 Awesome Craft Books for Kids

There are times when being creative can escape us as parents. Thankfully there are some really awesome Craft Books for Kids, that can help spark a little creativity in us all. Here are a few…

Fun Hot Air Balloon Craft

Do your kiddies love Hot Air Balloons? Mine are currently fascinated with them, as we can see them daily floating in the air a few miles from our home. Since this CraftMom has a fear of going…

Cool Bat Crafts and Facts

Get crafty creating cool bat crafts while also teaching the kiddies some fun facts. No reason to wait to Halloween time to dive into the world of these nocturnal creatures. Fun Bat Facts: There are…

Easy DIY Craft Stickers

  For Kiddies, stickers rank very high on the Awesome Meter; probably right below candy before breakfast. So imagine my Kiddies surprise when I introduced the art of making DIY Stickers. This is such a…